#1 New York Pizza in Snohomish, WA

#1 New York Pizza

#1 New York Pizza is one of those places I have wanted to try for ages now. I found it via an internet search over a year ago but never had the time to drive 30 minutes north east of Seattle (i.e. middle of nowhere) to try a slice of pizza. Lo and behold today I found myself with a free hour and I figured I would make the drive.

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The user reviews for #1 New York Pizza are promising. Out of the 10 reviews I could find only one user who had a negative comment and almost all the reviewers claimed to be from the New York area. However the one negative reviewer did seem to give the best description which made me a little nervous because this wouldn’t be the first time that supposed ex-pat New Yorkers have raved about a restaurant that in the end did not live up to the hype.

Now when I said #1 New York Pizza was in the middle of nowhere I was not joking. If you blink while driving you will pass this place. It is a tiny shop located off Highway 9 in Snohomish, Washington. The owners claim to be New Yorkers and the second one of the owners opens their mouth, any questions about their authenticity can be thrown out the window. I was lucky to meet the woman of this Husband and Wife owned restaurant and if I didn’t know any better I would think I was talking to Doris Roberts’ character in Everybody Loves Raymond (Marie Barone). Sure enough, Relita, the woman I met in the restaurant and her husband Tony are “off the boat” from Queens, NY. She knew enough about New York that when I mentioned my hometown she began to utter the word “upstate” but I quickly cut her off because I find that comment borderline offensive! Regardless of the quality of the food I can tell you that the second I stepped foot in this place and talked with the owner I felt at home.

#1 New York Pizza, New York Pizza Slice After meeting Relita I wanted so very badly to love the food at #1 New York Pizza but in the end I have mixed results for you. The pizza is sold by the pie or by the slice which is certainly a good start. Plus they have no tolerance for off-the-wall toppings (that’s right Hawaiian pizza lovers … you will not get pineapple on your pizza here). However the slices I ordered really just didn’t live up to the name of this establishment. The dough had the right thickness but it was dense and bread-like. With what I know about pizza making my honest impression is that they don’t let their dough rise long enough. The sauce and cheese were ok and there were some remnants of New York pizza flavor hidden in my slice but overall it fell way short of my expectations.

#1 New York Pizza, Cannoli The Cannoli I ordered was an entirely different story. When I ordered my Cannoli, Relita pulled out an empty fresh Cannoli shell. This is always a good sign. Relita also informed me that they order Polly-O ricotta cheese for the filling which is a common ricotta cheese back east. Finally to top it off they candy their own fruit. I was notably impressed with my first bite into the Cannoli. The shell was fresh and crispy and the filling was creamy with just the right amount of powdered sugar added. Overall this might be one of the best Cannoli’s I have had in the state of Washington.

So #1 New York Pizza is really a mixed bag. If you are looking for a little New York attitude and a fine Cannoli by all means make the drive. However if it is New York pizza you seek I think you might be better off saving the gas money and the environment and stay home and follow my New York pizza recipe listed in a previous post. I will also add there were many other items on the menu I wish I had a chance to try including a Sicilian pizza and a meatball parmesan hero. I am not sure if I will ever make it back to #1 New York Pizza but if you are ever in town tell Relita I say hi!
#1 New York Pizza on Urbanspoon

#1 New York Pizza

17809 State Rte 9 SE Ste 1

Snohomish, WA 98296-6302

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Map picture

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