Brooklyn Bros Pizzeria: A Taste of Brooklyn in Everett, WA

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Have you ever experienced something that blurs the line between dream and reality?   Well this past weekend I had a New York Pizza experience that did just that.

On Sunday I was invited to participate in a charity golf event in Marysville which is about an hour north of Seattle.  Sometime ago I had read about a pizza place in Everett called Brooklyn Bros. Pizzeria which is in the same general direction as Marysville.  So I figured this would be an excellent opportunity to give it a shot.  After a nice morning with my family I headed out early for the golf event hoping I would have enough time to stop at Brooklyn Bros. Pizzeria.

With two children ages two and a four I don’t get a lot of time to myself, so a long drive on my own was very attractive.   On this given Sunday we happen to be having a traditional Pacific Northwest cloudy and overcast day.   There was hardly a car on the road and between the weather and the sheer lack of sound, I found myself in Everett in what seemed like five minutes.  The exit off the I5 into Everett takes you immediately to the very appropriately named Broadway Avenue.  The streets of Everett were practically desolate on this day.   I parked my car about a block away from the pizza place and when I stepped out of the car all I could hear was the sound of seagulls.

The first thing I noticed when looking at Brooklyn Bros. Pizzeria was that it is located in a gorgeous old building that looks like it might have been taken straight out of New York City and plopped here in the Pacific Northwest.   After admiring the building for a while I walked into the pizza place and was greeted with the sounds of Frank Sinatra singing “My Way” .   I walked straight up to the counter and said seven words I haven’t said in a very long time ….. “Give me two slices and a coke” (ok it was two slices and a “diet” coke because my metabolism isn’t what it used to be).I ordered a plain cheese slice and a “Bowery” slice which had Molinari Pepperoni, Coscioppo Bros. Sausage, and roasted garlic.   I watched the gentleman behind the counter warm the pizza up in one of the strangest pizza ovens I have ever seen.   It was a large oven with multiple levels of rotating stones.   The pizza was delivered to my table in about 5 minutes and from just the look of the pizza I was excited.

The pizza crust had a beautiful char and the hole structure was excellent.   I started with the cheese slice and I was immediately in heaven.   This was a true New York slice, floppy and foldable but slightly crisp.   The sauce had just the right level of sweetness and it was perfectly seasoned.   There was perhaps a little too much cheese but overall it was an amazing slice of pizza.   I followed up my cheese slice with my “Bowery” slice.   The flavors of the “Bowery” were great.   The pepperoni, sausage, and roasted garlic really melded together nicely.   My only complaint about the “Bowery” slice is that it was fairly oily.   But then again I have rarely had a slice of pizza with pepperoni on it that wasn’t oily.

So what’s the final verdict?   Well I definitely had it “My Way” at Brooklyn Bros. Pizzeria.   If Delancey is the epitome of the new arrogant, snobby New York pizza culture than Brooklyn Bros. Pizzeria represents the best of New York Pizza culture.   It’s a no-holds-barred type of place where you can walk in at any time and order a couple of slices.  

I walked out of Brooklyn Bros. Pizzeria and headed on my way to my golf event.   By the time I finished playing golf and made the hour long drive home I was exhausted.  When I woke up the next morning my trip to Brooklyn Bros. didn’t even seem like it had actually happened.   It seemed too good to be true.   All I can say is one way or another I will be making my way back to Brooklyn Bros. Pizzeria either by car or in my dreams.

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